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2007 Foals
2006 Foals are here

Colt Bay MICHAEL'S FLYER BLACKBERRY BRANDY 2/24/2007 Dillenbeck, Bruce

Colt Bay MICHAEL'S FLYER BLUE CORN 2/25/2007 Dayton, Bill

Colt Chestnut GLOBALIZE BRASS SUPPORT 1/14/2007 Todaro, George

Filly Bay MICHAEL'S FLYER DESERT ROSE 2/23/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.

Colt Chestnut GLOBALIZE DOUBLE DIPSEA 3/6/2007Augello, Litt, Litt and McCarthy

Filly Chestnut GLOBALIZE FLYING TRILLIA 1/14/2007 Hollendorfer, Jerry

Colt Chestnut LATIN AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL GRAD 1/28/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.

Filly Bay GLOBALIZE LITIGATOR 1/31/2007 Todaro, George

Colt Bay LATIN AMERICAN MODE 2/28/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.

Filly Chestnut GLOBALIZE MOVING CONTRAST 1/29/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.

Colt Bay LATIN AMERICAN ONLY A MOMENT 3/8/2007 Williamson, Warren B.

Colt Chestnut GLOBALIZE PARIS NEXT YEAR 2/13/2007 Todaro, George

Filly Dk B/Br GLOBALIZE PIRATE'S CAPTIVA 3/6/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.

Filly Chestnut GLOBALIZE REAL PARANOIDE 1/23/2007 Hollendorfer and Todaro

Colt Chestnut FOR REALLY SCREAMING LAURA 2/14/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.

Filly Chestnut GLOBALIZE SHE IS GRRREAT 1/10/2007 Jelladian and Todaro

Colt Bay LATIN AMERICAN SIBERIAN RIDGE 2/24/2007 Dallas, Paul

Colt Chestnut COMET SHINE SLEW CITY MELBA 2/24/2007 Martin, Jerry & Margaret

Colt Bay CORSLEW SOFT MOCCASIN 2/26/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.

Colt Bay FOR REALLY STAGE A RIOT 3/6/2007 Jackson and Sherr

Filly Bay GLOBALIZE SWISS LADY 1/30/2007 Davis, Jack

Colt Bay ISLANDER TEMPTING VARIETY 1/20/2007 Dennis Johnson

Filly Bay MICHAEL'S FLYER TIGER FIRE 1/31/2007 Park, Julia

Filly Bay FOR REALLY WILD GUNEVA 2/4/2007 Jackson, Ellen L.



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